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Producing Base

Huashen costume production bases are located in City Tianjin, Province Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong. They own the first-class modern production workshop, new generation Italian underwear and protective clothing product line, where manufacture Huashen health care costume.


Relying on unique formula, advanced technology, remarkable effect, high security, Huashen healthy food and beverage base won a niche in the fierce market competition. The food and beverage production base are located in Harbin and Qingdao. As the authentication enterprise of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), these bases own domestic first-class plant and equipment, and the manufacture completely complied with the international GMP standard.

The new product research and development center and quality inspection center are equipped with world leading instrument and equipment, a number of doctors and masters are taking charge of the new product research and quality improvement. Rich technical resources and skilled workers make it possible for Huashen to keep rapid development for more than ten years.


Relying on abundant natural resources in China, production bases enjoy unique ecological advantage. All the food and beverage are developed around TCM theory, and produced using high technology. The technology content and added value reach a high level.

Huashen Nano healthy supply production base is high-tech enterprise, which has been approved by China Scientific and Technological Committee, specialize in research, manufacture and sales of Hi-tech production.
This base is well equipped with nano supply production line, detection instrument, debugging workshop, laboratory with perfect equipment, and a number of technical personnel and senior managers.
The base has large-scale laboratory built according to international standard, ability of researching and developing new formula and High-tech production, applies a tight check on product. Using advanced testing equipment, our quality control system strictly observe ISO9001 International Quality System standard. Our main products: Nano cup; various of cards, bio-light diamond.

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