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Tummy tuckers

Beautifying figure, health care, double effects; vitality, elegance, easily acquired.

Huashen’s bio-light tummy tuckers are health products designed by using innovative engineering techniques. Utilizing computers as design tools, we apply a number of theories like the fat flow theory and the anti-gravity theory to their manufacture. Combining three-dimensional cutting, stitching and bonding the product provides both function and comfort. These products are known to reduce both the belly and waist area, tone the buns, beautify legs, protect lumbar area, and correct posture. And the special white material is light and thin.

Specific function
Waist and abdomen belt  reduces the belly and waist
Waist and abdomen belt can be worn freely; it has two adjustable hooks with an added whalebone substance. The belt can improve ones posture, and can support and protect a fatigued lumbar area. 

Straight angle concept --- shrink fatness and beautify legs
It is a design concept that uses Computer multi-piece three-dimensional cut, which applies pressure to different parts of the body making ones buns firm, beautifying one’s legs and hips.  

Bio-light functions both have health and beauty 
The tummy tucker: Using bio-light materials, which can emit 5 to 25 micron bio-light waves. The light waves are absorbed by the buttocks and legs improving microcirculation and oxygen capacity, which are beneficial to one’s health. 

warmly tips 
Every lady longs to have,  
the activeness of a 20-year old, sexiness and maturity of a 30-year old, ethereal beauty of a 40-year old.
But do you know that even as 10 years go by there is a big change taking place in a woman’s body.
breast prolapsed 2 ~~3 cm
buttocks prolapsed 2~~3 cm 
Don’t have the afterthought for body beautifying until fat arises.
Perfect figure deserves your immediate attention

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