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Corporate Culture

The core of the corporate culture is the innovation culture which is based on customer-focused principle.

Development Target: Take technology innovation as motive power, customer demand as centre, brand advantage as engine, build up a strong transnational marketing system, provide more job opportunities to people all over the world, create a “Health Kingdom” for people, thus helping them constantly achieve new success in life, make it possible for more and more people to gain wealth, enjoy high-quality healthy life.
Far-seeing plan: Take health industry as the foundation of Huashen cause, develop existing international market potential, put priority on the European and American market, in the meantime expand business scope, thus Huashen grow into a multinational corporation, possessing industrial capital, commercial capital and financial capital, services of which covers biotechnology, health production development, education and training, e-commerce and financial investment.


Corporate Concept: innovation is the ceaseless impetus of enterprise development.
Innovation is like an advancing steamboat, on which Huashen International always focuses on customers develops a creative spirit and gives full play to its intellectual advantages and becomes compatible with international market. Now Huashen International seizes the opportunity and dominates the market quickly.


Customer concept: customer oriented
Customer oriented which means the only criteria is to meet the customers’ demands is also the focus of all the work. Enterprise provides customers with great value and meanwhile also benefits itself. Customer oriented also needs to know their demands, meet their requirements and safeguard the rights and interests of customers.


Managerial concept: quality is life
Shoddy commodities seem difficult to survive in the competitive market. Improvement of quality control system consolidates and prolongs their advantages in industrial competition. Without good quality, all words are nothing but empty talks. Huashen International never stops to pursue better quality and is severely critical about it to the utmost. Taking advanced technology, excellent manufacture and meeting customer demand as standard, Huashen always pursues zero defect of production, ensure the high quality of each production.


Market concept Only off-season idea, No Off-season market
Market apothegm
Vexation for the market need, think what the market need, doing what the market need.
Training is productivity.


Morality concept: unite with colleagues, be loyal to company, respect others, win-win idea

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