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Sanitary Pad

HuaShen Nano-silver sanitary towel—Give women the most close-fitting, most comfortable, best permeable, safest scrupulous care

HuaShen nano-silver sanitary towel
In the history of human beings, the ancient people knew that silver could kill bacteria, destroy bacteria, prevent bacteria grow, prolong food storage, prevent wound infection and accelerate wound healing. Today, HuaShen international makes the silver become nano particles and super-micro with international leading technology. For several years and through trial and error, we finally utilize nano-silver into any kind of commodities successfully.


Nano-silver sanitary towel is one of them.
Nano-Silver sanitary towel is an innovation for the traditional anti-bacteria sanitary towel, which integrates nano-silver on the surface of sanitary towel, due to silver particle diameter is around 20nm—30nm, such super-fine nano-silver’s utilization make HuaShen nano-silver sanitary towels to have an advantage that other traditional anti-bacteria sanitary towel can not compare, which makes women fully enjoy care without bacteria that nano noble metal build.


Broad-spectrum and anti-bacteria:
Nano-silver used by HuaShen Nano-Silver sanitary towel can produce strong sterilization function, which can kill many kinds of pathogenic bacteria, such as colibacillus, golden staphylococci, white Candida, epiphyte, infusorians, mycoplasma, mantle bacteria, Diplococcus gonorrhoeae, etc. nano-silver can kill pathogenic bacteria, at the same time, it doesn’t damage beneficial fungus and normal cells. This is because pathogenic bacteria are one-celled microbes, which keep existence with breathing enzyme. Nano-silver particles mixing with pathogenic cell wall/membrane can enter thalli directly. When nano-silver meets Respiratory enzyme and then change into ion which combines with respiratory enzymes –SH that makes enzyme loose activity and then obstruct pathogenic respiratory metabolism which make enzyme die of suffocation.


Permanent anti-bacteria:
Nano-silver used by HuaShen nano-silver belongs to non-medicine bactericide, its unique anti-bacteria mechanism can kill bacteria directly and rapidly, which makes the bacteria lose reproductive ability and then has no way to produce next generations of chemical proof. And, when pathogen was destroyed, Nano-silver dissociates from thalli, and makes contact with other flora again, carries on sterilization process time and again and then makes bacteria not produce chemical proof and has permanent anti-bacteria.


Safe and anti-bacteria:
Nano-silver used by HuaShen nano-silver is different from traditional medicine anti-microbial, which is safe, environment-protective, and natural bactericide of new generation. FLDA of America analyzes the element of Nano-silver to prove that it’s as safe as food. Experiment found when little mouse takes the maximum tolerance limit 5000mg per kilograms, the increasing rate of little white mouse’s weight is good and no side-effects. Experiment shows negative when nano-silver contacts the skin which proves that nano-silver has no any stimulation and sensitization.

Soft and quick permeability:
Common sanitary towel has bad permeability, when menstrual flow drops on the sanitary towel surface; it can not permeate quickly, which lead to menstrual accumulation on the sanitary towel surface and the accumulation makes women’s circulation of reproductive system wet and frowzy which extremely infects gynecological diseases. HuaShen Nano-silver physical sanitary towel select high fleecy soft surface layer which touch feeling is soft and comfortable, high permeability, enjoy the feeling as you’ve forgotten everything. HuaShen nano-silver physical sanitary towel includes soft layer of quick permeability which has conducting function and make menstrual blood filter down quickly and can keep layer contacting the skin dry and comfortable effectively.


Strong absorption:
HuaShen nano-silver physical sanitary towel especially contains super micro water-keeping factor which can conceal liquid permeable into jelly, when pressed, it can not permeate back, no sticky feeling on the surface and its absorptivity is 40 times far more than common sanitary towel and can avoid menstrual flow leaking to both sides of sanitary towel due to untimely absorption.


Good air permeability:
HuaShen nano-silver physical sanitary towel chooses high-quality micropore bottom membrane which can allow water molecule to go through smoothly and then get the effect that can discharge moisture between sanitary towel and body effectively, reduce moisture and frowziness between sanitary and body in order to keep dry and fresh feeling.


Aluminum Foil Packing: Huashen nano silver sanitary towels’ packing adopts aluminum foil for food, and it has the fungus-proof, mildew-proof, and moisture-proof function. There is a seal with easy-open adhesive tape and can airproof time and again. This makes these sanitary towels more convenient and sanitation.


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