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Delicately activated VC kill free radicals easily
The wild rosehip which comes from northeastern virgin forest of China contain 17 kinds of amino acids and 28 kinds of necessary elements that body needs. These are the most necessary elements in the plants containing VC, VE, VB1,VB2, VA, VP, B ,carotene, etc. and are called condensate of many kinds of natural vitamins. Below 40 centigrate, it quickly falls into pieces and is made super powder of 5 micron diameter granule on average, is refined through modern hign tech means, keeps the former nutrient ingredients and content, is absorbed by bodies as easily as a pie, is absolutely natural health care food with medicine and food come from the same source.


VC fruit acid cell,skin’s water and energy
Caducity is coming to knock the door gently after a period of 25 years because the cosmetics can not stop the steps of youth, what erodes our youth? Free radicals! In natural condition the natural vitamin C has the function of anti-oxidation and anti-caducity, can improve blood vessel elasticity and repair damaged tissue, promote formation of collagen, and this can guarantee that nutrient materials can be transported to facial skin freely, promote the tightness of skin’s bracket, then the wrinkles reduce and luster recovers. It can avoid deflects of not combining between synthesis vitamin and protein, natural vitamins, besides ascorbic acid, contain vitamin P(biological flavone) and other materials, can constitute compound vitamin, and enhance effects of vitaminC. In natural vitamin,not only does it have tocopherol, but contains complete tocopherol(,β…etc.)). VC, VE join the cell activities directly and can exert its function when combining biological flavone with VE,VC together.


5.micro technology, absorbtion more better
Natural rosehip contains flavonoid, organic acid, coumarins,  , triterpene, alkene ,saponin, protein, glucide,fat oil, naphtha and 17 kinds of animo acids, in rosehip threonine,amino acid, isoleucine ,leucine, methionine, phenylalanine and lysine the 7 kinds of self compound amino acids. Abundant biological activation contains clear zinc, iron,selenium 14 kinds of necessary micro elements that bodies need, Under 40 centigrade below zero, it makes use of international supersound airflow pulverizer to break former fruit up to about an average of 5 microns granule diameter, completely keeping the rosehip useful ingredients and better absorption by the body.
Natural VC  preventing cancer and anti cancer


The food we often eat contain amine material dimcthylamine which is one of the materials of synthesizing nitrosamine, but nitrosamine is important cause cancer. Natural vitamin c can stop nitrosamine from chemical reaction, and has the function to promote antibody come out, and promote lymphocyte’s growth. Antibodies and lymphocyte have ability to attack cancer cells.


Vitamin c is a kind of reducer and has strong competitive oxidation. Many carcinogens have carcinogenesis effects after oxidation, while vitamin C competitive oxidation restrains carcinogenic activation, which has the function to restrain nitrosamine.


Besides, ultraviolet radiation is another important cause of cancer, vitamin C has ability of hardening radiation, and vitamins also have function of detoxification. This function clears poisons out of the body; some of these poisons are carcinogens.

Natural active material    eliminate tiredness
Experiment has proved that vitamin C can stop the oxygenation’s enzyme descending on the anoxic situation. Enzyme’s activity can influence the energy which offered to brain. This can avoid the content of lactic acid in brain. The more lactic acid in brain, the lower the efficiency of brain 
There are so many lactic acid and free radicals produced after doing some exercises. These free radicals stimulate and oxygenate cell to influence the activity of bone cells. (in the situation of full of oxygen and energy). Vitamin C can restrain the production of free radicals, mean while clearing the free radical produced by exercising. Vitamin C improves the inner condition of the cell to enhance cell’s activity, intramuscular stamina, accelerate the resumption of physical force.


Assistant function
The natural rose hip can reduce the harm from radicalization. Help to reduce pain brought by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Stop the production of nitrite effectively and prevent cancer.
Enhance the immunity of body and is against ulcers.
It can enhance appetite and advance sleeping. It’s anti-Toxin and protects liver while improving sexual function and so on. It’s an ideal natural health care product.


Dosage: Two pieces; twice a day
Main material: natural rose hip
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place
Specification: 80 granule a case and 0.2g per granule (diameter 5 micron)

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