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Plant protein active oxygen tenia

Plant protein active oxygen tenia          multiple function extra care help you regain vitality  

bio-light                improve microcirculation

negative oxygen ion           inhibit bacteria

bio-magnetic      reach tender spot directly



HUASHEN plant protein active oxygen tenia adopts natural plant protein fiber, active oxygen fiber and bio-magnetic fiber materials designed through the theory of human engineering. You will feel comfortable when you wear them on, and this is the best choice to protect the head.


Functions and Features

Bio-light    improve microcirculation   reveal healthy life-force

Wearing the product with direct contact to the skin will activate the human cells to create heat reactions, which releases 5 to 25 micron of bio-lights which are good to human health and penetrates into 3 to 5 cm underneath the skin. This causes the sinking substances in blood vessel to break down into small particles, so as to enlarge blood vessel and reduce the blood flow resistance and effectively enhance blood circulation in the head. It also improves the elasticity of vena blood capillary relieves and also have meliorate function on insufficient blood supply of brain, and cerebral infarction.


Negative oxygen ion which inhibit bacteria from growth, cleansing the skin thoroughly

This product can release large amounts of negative oxygen ions, activate the self adjustment and recovery ability of the wrist skin and enable the skin to stay fresh and active. Bacteriostasis special function of negative oxygen ions can effectively inhibit various bacteria from growth, eliminate itchy feelings and is good for the blood vessels around hand and for vena tissue recovery


Biological magnetic treatment is an advanced technology which decodes the secret of health.

The natural magnetic energy that is released from the product causes the chaotic magnetic field of the human body to readjust back to normal after sickness. It improves the head’s organization, nutrition and blood micro-circulation so as to achieve the purposes of smoothing blood flow, relieving rheumatic pains, and diminishing inflammation.


Soft, comfortable, dry and with good ventilation, it gives a wonderful experience.

Integrated with various kinds of fiber essence, this product possesses the softness of wool and the smoothness of silk. It is perfect for keeping warm and controlling humidity, which is good for the metabolism in the head skin. It has advantages of being warm in winter and cool in summer. It also has a deodorant function, allowing you to have comfortable feeling when wearing it in all seasons.


Sphere of application

1.The people who suffer from insufficient blood supply in the brain, and cerebral infarction etc.

2.The people who have the following diseases: neurasthenia, insomnia and dreamful sleep, dizziness, headache.


Warmly tips

Are you annoyed by the following situations?

Lack of concentration, memory diminish, have repeated mistakes, inefficiency; dream, insomnia, poor quality of sleep; dizziness, headache, and seriously disturb your work and life; neurasthenia, mood irritability… …


HUASHEN plant protein active oxygen tenia takes care of your health.

Wonderful life, consult with me, pay attention on details, perfect experience from now on.




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