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Mobile Battery Magic Card

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Mobile Battery Magic Card is a print circuit board which combines organically the nano-scale rare metal and special-processed tinsel patch. It utilizes the energy wave emitted to change the chemical structure inside the mobile battery; and accelerate the decomposition of carbon deposits in the battery; then activate and promote the ion flow inside battery, so as to prolong battery life. It is also capable to absorb and collect efficiently dispersed electromagnetic wave during the using process, then to attain the objective of reducing the radiation effect.


This product would bring great profits to people because of its green and environment protection function. It will make great contribution to environment-protection work, and have remarkable social benefit.



Double the using life of battery

Increase the usage time of battery by more than 50%.

Shorten the charge time by 50%.

Has a strong function of radiation protection


1.Shut down the mobile and extract the battery.

2.Put the magic card into the mobile with the face of pattern toward battery.

3.Install the battery again and use it as usual.



1.Just using with the battery manufactured from qualified manufacturer.
2.Applied fields: DC electrical equipments with 1-16 voltages, such as mobile phone, digital camera, palm computer etc.
3.In case of charging, never remove magic card and charge alone.
4.Magic card must not contact the cathode and anode of battery.
5.Never stick the magic card on the back of battery.



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