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More warmth    More health

Bio-light leggings have been developed around the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). One such concept states that obstructions in our bodies cause aches and pain. When this impediment is removed, one is free of pain. It is made from bio-light materials of natural origin. Besides, it can effectively regulate micro-circulation in the human body, dredge the channels and comprehensively complement human body energy. Meanwhile, super soft elasticity velvet is selected as the raw material, which is exquisite, skin-tight, warm, colorfast, ventilated and comfortable etc. and which is of pilling resistance and sweat absorption. Additionally, it is of classic black color, which is solid-colored, elegant, fashionable and a joker. In accordance with customers' figure demands, the coxal design adopts tridimensional tailoring, which makes a formfitting model, which is comfortable, natural and contributes to beautifying the figure. And hence, perfectness finds its extreme expression in details.



Bio-light    Improve micro-circulation

Bio-light materials in the bio-light leggings are capable of emitting bio-light waves of 5μm to 25μm which penetrate the skin by 3-5cm and cause high-frequency micro-vibrations in blood vessels. These slight vibrations allow the inner walls of the blood vessels to clear out lipid deposits that have collected over time. The result is an increased volume of blood within the vessels, accelerated blood flow, improved micro-circulation in human body, enhanced human immunity.

Dredge channels    Comprehensively nurse legs

Bio-light leggings are based on the meridian theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The bio-light waves emitted by the dots acts directly on Conception Vessel (Ren Mai), Governing Vessel (Du Mai), bladder channel, kidney channel, soothing the channels and quickening the vessels, regulating qi and blood, not only can comprehensively complement human body energy, improve human body tolerance to cold, but also can relieve pain in knees and legs which is caused by arthritis, varicosity and rheumatism.




Product Effects

1.Improve micro-circulation in the human body, activate tissue cells, lubricate the tissues surrounding joints and contribute to treat such diseases as arthritis and varicosity etc.

2.Improve such symptoms as leg heaviness, swell, acratia, numbness, crus cramps, fear of coldness, intermittent claudication and pain in knees and legs etc.

3.Prevent cold and keep warm

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