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Green Tea with Selenium

Special effects
Modern study shows that the special effects of green tea on health care derive from the GTP which exists in tea leaf. GTP is a natural antioxidant with high efficiency to inhibit the production of free radical and remove superfluous free radicals in the human body and finally improve health. So GTP is the most important essence and the most beneficial elements to the human body in the tea leaf. Green tea has five times more tea polyphenols than common tea, and if green tea were further processed to become Wulong tea or black tea, it might lose the GTP elements. Furthermore, green tea also has the strongest effects on bacteria inhibition. It is helpful to alleviate fatigue, promote digestion, burn fat, improve immunity and reduce cholesterol. 


Selenium is indispensable for the human body. Selenium is the mankind’s health protection. The selenium can resist the chemical elements, such as arsenic, chrome, mercury and lead etc. which harm the human body. It is the microelement necessary to the human body, it can promote the human body physiological functions, promote growth, repair tissue, prolong life and strengthen the resistance of the human body in negative environments. Selenium can stimulate the immune system, can prevent over 40 various diseases such as, cancer, cardiovascular disease, liver necrosis, KESHAN disease, sterility, eyes disease and leukemia.

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