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French style pants for male

Theory techniques
HUASHEN French style men’s drawers combine many kinds of absolute natural biological  materials. According to Chinese traditional medicine that if aching it is obstructed, if unimpeded it will not be painful; It is natural and has no side effects.


Products effects
1. Activate men’s abdominal organelle, may help eliminate any kind of inflammation and pains, stop itching, restrain bacteria, deodorization, diuresis.
2. Control nocturnal emission and strengthen, ‘yang’, improve man’s sexual ability on long-term use and better function for sexual nonchalance.


Sphere of application
1. hemorrhoids, anus tickle,anal fissure,astriction.
2. Abdomenal skin tickles and for the man who needs to lose weight at the abdomen.

Size   unit(CM)

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