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Eye Care Pad


Dry, eyestrain, and tiredness of eyes

Shed tears, ache hotly of eyes

How could we do when blurring of vision and some other uncomfortable of eyes?

HuaShen bio-light eyes care pad----once make your eyes clear, using again, treat your eyes diseases!


Brief description

The bio-light eyes care pad takes the traditional Chinese meridian and modern energy medicine as theory. The bio-light point can take effect on the important acupoints which is around eyes directly.  It can give the bio-light stimulation and massage, dredge meridians of eyes; the special lavender sachets with lasting aroma can tranquilize and allay excitement, relieve anxiety, sterilization, relieve pain and improve sleep. The double effects of bio-light and lavender can improve the microcirculation of eyes, relieve pressure, ameliorate vision, and take care of the eyes’ health from all-around.


Functional mechanism

1.The bio-light can make a high-frequency vibration on the optic nerves around eyes, accelerate the microcirculation around eyes, activate cells, enhance the sensitivity of eye muscle to brain, eliminate fatigue, dispel black-eye, pouch under eyes and edema.


2.The bio-light can take effect on the place where is pain directly and clean and expel the metabolite out of body, relieve eyestrain and blurring of vision.


3.The bio-light points can massage the following acupoints: Zan Zhu, Qing Ming, Cheng Qi, Si Zhu Kong, Yu Yao and so on, it also can dredge meridians, recover eye muscles’ elastic function, prevent deformation of axis oculi and some other diseases of eyes.


4.The effective element of lavender sachets can release spicery which is activated by body heat, and it absorbed by skin can reach the effects of promoting flow of Qi and blood, tranquilizing and allaying excitement, and clear vision and refreshment.


product effects

1.Clear vision and refreshment, eliminate fatigue of eyes, help sleep and keep elasticity of skin around eyes.

2.Stimulate the meridians of eyes, activate the cells of eyes and relieve eyes ailments rapidly. 

3.Dispel pouch under eyes, black-eye, soft and smooth skin

4.Prevent presbyopia, glaucoma, astigmatism, cataract, blurred vision of middle and old people and dry, pain and blurred vision caused by myopia of adolescent, and it also can relieve trachoma, true and pseudomyopia.


Tips on how to use 

1. Make sure the healthcare ankle supporters linings with medical points contact eye skin directly.

2. Better effects when sleeping or having a rest

3. Drink plenty of water properly when using the product.

4. The AT terms should not be interrupted.

5. Multiply the healthcare effects by using other products of bio-light series at the



1. The lavender sachets can not be washed, and please take them out when washing the products.

2. Washing with neutral detergent, the temperature should be below 30℃

3. The product should not soak in water for a long time. Do not rub the product on washing board but by hands gently.

4. Dry in the shade; avoid insolation and drying with high temperature.

5. Avoid scratching with edged tools

6. Better use the product for 3 years or wash 400 times to get optimum effects.


Use forbidden

People with hemorrhagic symptoms or bleeding-tendency of any organs;

People who have heart pacemaker and heart failure;

Pregnant women;

Sufferers of hyperpyrexia use carefully;

People in recovery period after operation (including heart bypass surgery, heart stents surgery and cardiac valve replacement, etc.) should use the product carefully.


health Q&A

What’s the reason cause visual fatigue?

There are many reasons can lead to visual fatigue, diminution of vision such as bad habits of eye using, lack rest of eyes and so on. The symptoms of visual fatigue include dry, pain, tearful, photophobic and blurring of vision.


The pathology is caused by metabolite during the blood circulation around eyes, and which deposit in the capillaries day by day to block the blood around eyes, and the optic nerves can not get enough nutrition. All these factors can cause dry, pain, black eye, pouch, edema, myopia, hyperopia, glaucoma, cataract and some other eye diseases.


The eyes care pad can reduce eyes pressure and relieve visual fatigue.


Why does the eyes care pad can eliminate pouch, black eyes?

The bio-light points can massage the acupoints of Yingxiang, Sibai, Chengqi, enhance the elasticity of skin, mositen skin, contract the fat orgnization, prevent deposition of pigment, all of these can eliminate pouch and black eyes, reduce wrinkles to reach the effect of eyes clear and the eye-brows refined.


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