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Ecological Cup with Bamboo Rhythm

Nano active ceramic for more water activity and enhanced vitality


Product Overview:

Huashen ecological cup with bamboo rhythm integrates Chinese cultural image and modern science and technology with shell of naturally thick bamboo tube, middle coat of upscale 304 stainless steel thermal insulating layer and liner of eco-friendly nano ceramic material. It is green and environmentally friendly as well as close to nature. On one hand, it is in accordance with the concept of low-carbon environment protection and sound health maintenance. On the other hand, it embodies Chinese classic beauty, primitive simplicity, elegance and fashion bringing about a feeling of getting close to nature with distinctive texture. It provides you with better and healthier water for life.


The liner of the ecological cup with bamboo rhythm is created from world-class high grade eco-friendly active ceramic raw materials that are processed through a comprehensive application of biophysical, material, medical and engineering technologies together with state of the art technology for making nano ceramics. Healthy materials of high activity in nano micron grade such as TiO2 and ZnO are added into porcelain materials. Afterwards, they are processed through warming, solidifying and cooling to make a brand new nano- ceramic liner that promotes the activating function of the cup thus providing higher-quality and healthier water of life to humans.



New nano-ceramic liner   Enhanced water activity

The World Health Organization (WHO) proposed that one of the standards of high-quality water is the presence of small water molecular group. The special nano material of Huashen ecological cup emits bio-light waves, which  resolve macromolecular cluster water (composed by 13-15 water molecules) into small molecular cluster water (composed by 5-7 water molecules), thus accelerating human nutrient absorption, promoting metabolism, activating cell function and enhancing immunity. As the specific surface area of nano material is increased by the brand new nano-ceramic liner, the activation of the cup is enhanced.


Highly active ceramic materials    Health guardian of water

The highly active nano-ceramic liner is eco-friendly and free from lead and cadmium as tested by the international authorities. Its microporous organization and developed pore structure has the function of removing chlorine, impurities and peculiar smell to ensure the safety and quality of water.


Nano materials    Resist and inhibit harmful bacteria and microbes

TiO2 and ZnO in nano micron grade are new multi-functional inorganic materials. The Micro crystal grain changes the electronic and crystal structure of the surface, producing high specific surface area, high activity and special physical property, lacking in macroscopic objects. This promotes thorough elimination of germs.


The nano micron materials of this cup contain various mineral substance and several dozen kinds of trace elements, which can work as water supplements and increase the content of dissolved oxygen in water, thereby activate the human body cell function and enhance immunity.


Naturally thick bamboo tube shell    Green and environmentally friendly 

Close to nature

Bamboo has an everlasting spring. It is tough, evergreen and tenacious. The thick bamboo tube integrates primitive simplicity, elegance with fashion and has distinctive connotation with tough and lithe material and artistic texture, which makes humans get close to nature and provides a repose world to you being engaged in life and work. It brings about not only a healthy life but also lifted taste and fashion and expression of individual tolerance.


Product Features:

Strong Decomposition: The miniscule materials of this cup are stable, cannot be decomposed, dissolved, and deteriorated but may breakdown the harmful substance in the water, effectively suppressing the colon bacillus, staphylococcus aureus and simultaneously reduce the lead, fluorine and other harmful substance in the water by several folds.


Strong Solubility: Nano water is an ideal carrier of some nutrients. The small molecules of water have a small volume but a large surface area, which facilitate faster dissolution and accelerate the absorption of trace elements and mineral elements.

Strong Permeation: Small molecular cluster water has the similar structure to human body; it has fewer molecules, shorter in diameter compared to ordinary water. Its small volume, faster speed and higher activity enhance water absorption in the body.


Strong Metabolism: The small molecular cluster water can circulate fast between the blood vessel and the cell, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cell and tissue and eliminate metabolites from the cells thus preventing body harm.



Drink small molecular active water in Huashen cups for a long term is an economic and effective approach to disease prevention, health maintenance and longevity.

1.Drinking a cup of Huashen nano active water after getting up every morning is

beneficial for gastrointestinal motility, appetite, metabolism, waste excretion in various parts of the body and constipation prevention.

2.Drinking a cup of water around 10 a.m., 3 p.m. and the time before go to bed

is the most beneficial for your health.

3.It is suggested to drink 3 to 8 cups of water every day.


Usage and Maintenance:

1.For best effects, keep the water standing in the cup for 15 minutes before drinking.
 Cup is best used within three years.

2.Wash and clean normally. Do not use hard and iron objects to clean.

3.Try to avoid soaking the shell in water for a long period.


Test Report:

The water sample of Huashen ecological cup with bamboo rhythm was tested by the Analytical and Testing Center at Fudan University. Report number N1200001. Results from nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy revealed a frequency of 66 Hz.

At present, only nuclear magnetic resonance technology (NMR) can be used for testing the size of water molecule cluster.NMR tests the half-amplitude duration of the vibrational frequencies of the water, expressed as Hz. The greater the Hz value, the larger the water molecule cluster and the poorer the water quality; conversely, the lower the Hz value, the smaller the water molecule cluster and the better the water quality. Japanese researchers indicate that the NMR frequency of small molecule cluster water should be less than 90Hz, high-quality water less than 80Hz and longevity water less than 70Hz. Active water of Huashen ecological cup with bamboo rhythm has a value of 66Hz and is considered as longevity water.


The nano-ceramic liner adopted by Huashen treasure cup of life and ecological cup with bamboo rhythm etc. receives the acceptance notification of patent for invention in the People’s Republic of China.


Volume: 260mL

Warm Tips:

Huashen ecological cup with bamboo rhythm is recommended for:

1.Gastrointestinal diseases: Gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, hyperacidity, dyspepsia etc. Drinking water with Huashen ecological cup with bamboo rhythm strengthens gastric juice secretion, promotes gastrointestinal mobility and strengthens intestinal digestion and absorption. It also improves intestinal tract environment, balances intestinal flora and prevents gastric erosion by acidic substances.


2.Diabetes: Insulin secreted from the pancreas promotes blood glucose metabolism and production of energy. Water from Huashen ecological cup with bamboo rhythm regulates the metabolism of islet cells and gradually normalizes the cells.


3.Cardiovascular diseases: Coronary heart disease is mostly caused by the accumulation of fat in the coronary artery, which blocks the normal blood circulation. Water from Huashen ecological cup with bamboo rhythm promotes fat break down and excretion, enhances oxygen supply to the cardiac muscles and restores its vitality.


4.Hypertension: Most hypertensive patients are considered “acidic” due to excessive fat and cholesterol which easily adheres to the walls of the blood vessel and narrows the volume. Drinking water from Huashen ecological cup with bamboo rhythm eliminates acidic substances from blood, lowers the blood pressure and softens the blood vessels.


5.Constipation: The nano-water is highly soluble, enhances metabolism and faster elimination of toxins.


6.Cosmetics: The small molecular cluster of water is easily absorbed by the cells, restores the water content, improves facial color, rough and dry skin, remove wrinkle and pigment and effectively eliminate color spot arising from water scarcity.


Health Guidance:

Standard of healthy water:

Clean, free of pathogens, heavy metals and harmful chemicals

Contains the right amount of minerals and trace elements

Has a high conductivity, being weakly alkaline

Has small molecular cluster and strong activity


The size of the water molecular cluster can be tested by NMR. The lower the Hz value, the smaller the water molecule cluster is, and the higher the water quality is. The test showed that the Hz value of water from the ecological cup with bamboo rhythm is 66Hz.


Secret of Longevity:

WHO research on areas of longevity indicates a common feature among the populations i.e. drinking small molecule cluster water .This is also found in foods taken such as: vegetables, fruits and grass. Furthermore cattle, sheep, swine, chicken and other domestic animals feed on foods containing the small molecules clusters of water.


Interpretation of the poem on the surface of the cup

The poem explains that with successive achievement and the gathering of many elites in Huashen. Huashen will blossom and bring splendor to China. It further describes the roadmap of entry into the international market and thereafter the enjoyment of prestige all over the world.

In addition, the first characters of each line form the word “Huashen industry”.

The poet also reveals that the hard work and enterprising spirit of Huashen staff will

lead to greater development.







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