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Congratulations on 2017 New Year


Distinguished ladies and gentlemen:

Dear Huashen partners:

    Happy New Year!

On the occasion of a new year, on behalf of Huashen International Group and myself, I hereby express congratulations to Huashen distributors and your families and friends. Happy New Year! Good luck in everything!

 In the past year, the international market economy was stagnant; the Commonwealth of the Independent States also faced multiple stresses from economy and politics; many enterprises went out of business or changed the line of production in order to avoid risk. Under this circumstance, we also got worries and stresses, but we are never afraid of difficulties; we survive in crisis; we develop in predicament. This is the secret that we are increasingly stronger in face of challenges. Likewise, Huashen distributors own the power to grip dream and fortune after experiencing setbacks, sufferings and challenges. Pine and cypress demonstrate their cold resistance in winter, and an enterprise shows its strength in predicament. As a mature international enterprise, Huashen International Group has enough strength, experience and patient to deal with the difficulty and challenge.

Over the past two decades, Huashen International Group overcame all obstacles and experienced ups and downs, but it still got many courageous, loyal and full of fighting capacity business partners, and it became a part of health kingdom. Huashen bears numerous distributors’ dreams. Therefore, no matter how changeable the market is, Huashen takes health industry as core business, adopts a differential management strategy and builds a health kingdom, and moreover, it will never change the goal of creating a century-old enterprise. I hereby give my heartfelt thanks to everyone supporting Huashen. Thank you for your efforts in the past year! Everyone who has a dream deserves respect! I’m proud of you!

In the new year, we are going to improve management competence, integrate superior resources and strengths, meet customer requirements, seek innovative business model, accelerate research and development on competitive products in differential management, learn success experience of Internet industry, and enhance marketing ability as well as professional service level. We will constantly reform and innovate; we will provide a broad platform for distributors as well as a job opportunity for more people.

 In the new year, let’s make persistent efforts and stride forward towards a new goal of career and life. I wish you to enjoy a happy New Year! I wish you to enjoy a successful career! I wish you to enjoy health and happiness!

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