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Casual Pants

Huashen Bio-light Casual Pants   Cool and Comfortable   Fashionable and Healthy

Product Overview
Huashen bio-light casual pants is a high-tech health care garment that integrates bio-light materials with humanized tailoring design.

It is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory that obstructions in our bodies cause aches and pain and when this impediment is removed, one is free of pain. The dots which are made from several natural bio-light materials are capable of emitting bio-light waves being influenced by the human body temperature. They act on the skin, promote microcirculation and maintain a healthy reproductive system.


The shell fabric is spun from combed cotton. Neps are wiped off during the textile process, which makes an exquisite and soft shell fabric. It has characteristics of good hygroscopicity, smoothness, comfort, good washing and good dryness. The waist is elastic and you can adjust it according to your body form. Whether you stay at home or go outdoors, it can be worn casually. And you can gain health with leisure and comfort.

Notice Items
1.   Wash with neutral detergent, not exceeding a water temperature of 40℃.
2. This product should not be soaked for prolonged periods in water. Do not use a washing
board to scrub. Wash gently.
3.    Hang and dry in the shade naturally after the wash.
4.    Avoid contact with sharp objects.
5.    Optimum effects will be achieved within 3 years of use.


Undoubtedly, a casual and comfortable pants is an optimum selection for you under the scorching sun and severe heat. The concise style and peaceful tone of Huashen bio-light casual pants embody a tasty life’s tranquility, coziness and elegance. It is not only cool, comfortable and well ventilated but also healthy. Whether you stay at home, go for an outing or take a vacation, it can be worn casually. Enjoy comfort and health.


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