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The most charming part of a female body is the view of her chest. Have you ever cared about your beauty as a woman?
Hyperplasia of Mammary Glands, nodules in the bubby, pain and itch, there is hidden danger about your health.
Bubby tumefaction, redness and swelling, fever, intolerability….
Beautiful breast was infraction inadvertently
please pay attention to your breast

HUASHEN’s  bust pad - beautifying breast and charming 


Theory Techniques
Based on Chinese traditional medicine theory of ‘if pain, for the channel is blocked, if unimpeded, it will not pain’ in pharmacopoeia, HUA SHEN’s bra pads take conformity with your body.


Functions Mechanism
HUA SHEN bust pads can help eliminate lipid deposit on the skin, which enlarges their volume and enhances the circulation. The product will may also enhance the metabolism and activate the immunocytes which can produce  a wellness effect.


Product effects
1. Activate the cells of breast, boost the supply of nourishment of cells, promote breast’s develop.
2.  Improve the blood circulation of breast


Sphere of application
1. For the females who have saggy breasts 
2 .pain of breast before menses, latex lacking
3. the females who need more care of breast


Tips on how to use
1. Make sure the bust pads’ linings with whitel points contact the skin directly.
2. Duration of wearing: for healthcare, 4 to 8 hours; for AT, 4 to 12 hours; you’ll get the optimum effect by wearing them for 24 hours.
3. Drink plenty of water when using the product.
4. The AT terms should not be interrupted.
5. Multiply the healthcare effects by using other products of white dot series at the same time.


Notice items
1. Washing with neutral detergent; the temperature should be below 40℃
2. The product should not soak in water for a long time. Do not rub the product on washing board but by hands gently.
3. Dry in the shade; avoid insolation and drying under high temperature.
4. Avoid scratching with sharp tools
5. Better use the product for 3 years or wash 400 times to get optimum effects.


Using forbidden
1.People with hemorrhagic symptoms or bleeding-tendency of any organs;
2.People who have heart pacemaker and heart failure;
3.Pregnant women;
4.Sufferers of hyperpyrexia use carefully;
5.People in recovery period after operation (including heart bypass surgery, heart stents surgery and cardiac valve replacement, etc.) should use the product carefully.

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