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Bio-light Magnetotherapy Pads

Bio-light physiotherapy and magnetotherapy    A new era of magneto-optical massage

Product Overview

Huashen bio-light magnetotherapy pads are a set of high-tech health garments integrating bio-light wave physiotherapy with magnetotherapy. It is meticulously made from natural bio-light materials and magnetic fibers on the basis of the meridian theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), international energy medicine theory and magnetotherapy theory.

Bio-light magnetotherapy pads can imitate the geomagnetic field and form a low-intensity magnetic field with a range from 15 Gs to 50Gs, which stimulates the changing magnetic field in the human body and regulates the balance of the magnetic field in the human body properly to enhance self-cure capability and disease resistance. Bio-light materials are capable of emitting bio-light waves of 5μm to 25μm being influenced by the human body temperature which dredge the channels and activate cell metabolism capability.

Magnetic field lines and bio-light waves function simultaneously and give the skin all-around stimulation and massage, which makes the surface of the skin be in a micromotion state. They regulate the balance of the human body moment by moment, improve the microcirculation and comprehensively enhance the immunity, just like an accompanied acupoint massagist and acupuncturist. 

Three Functional Advantages


First: accelerated microcirculation and unimpeded metabolism
Bio-light materials in the internal layer of bio-light magnetotherapy pads are capable of emitting bio-light waves of 5μm to 25μm which penetrate the skin by 3-5cm and cause high-frequency micro-vibrations in blood vessels when influenced by the human body temperature. These slight vibrations allow the inner walls of the blood vessels to clear out lipid deposits that have collected over time. The result is an increased volume of blood within the vessels, accelerated blood flow, improved microcirculation in the human body and enhanced human immunity.


On the other hand, magnetic fibers in the bio-light magnetotherapy pads are able to emit magnetic field lines interweaving an invisible three-dimensional magnetic field net, which gives adjacent skin all-around stimulation and massage making the surface of the skin be in a micromotion state. As a result, this can activate cell metabolism and promote the microcirculation of the human body.


Huashen bio-light magnetotherapy pads creatively combine bio-light with magnetic fibers and emit bio-light waves and magnetic field lines functioning in the human body simultaneously. This can not only activate cell metabolism and accelerate the blood flow speed in the subcutaneous tissue but also dissolve and shed the waste on the blood vessel wall much rapidly and thoroughly and expel it along with the blood circulation from the human body. And thus, it will finally promote metabolism and enhance immunity.

Second: complement magnetism and regulate balance of the magnetic field in the human body
Bio-light magnetotherapy pads apply internationally leading high-tech particle implantation technology to implant nanoscale magnetoionic into the cotton fiber evenly forming an organic combination, which makes magnetic fibers. There is a magnetic field with N\S pole on the fabric surface since this kind of magnetic fibers are evenly lined with particle materials of the magnet. Bio-light magnetotherapy pads can produce a low-intensity magnetic field with a range from 15 Gs to 50Gs, which is known as the most beneficial magnetic field for the human body. It influences the current distribution, movement of charge particles, permeability of the myolemma system and magnetic moment orientation of biomacromolecule, which changes the physiology and biochemical process of histocyte, produces analgesia and detumescence effects and promotes the blood circulation and lymphocinesia. And this will in turn regulate the balance of the magnetic field in the human body, relieve symptoms of the magnetic deficiency, enhance the regulation ability and resistance, promote the transformation of the pathological process towards a normal direction and help people restore health.

Third: dredge channels and complement human body energy
Channels and acupoints distributed across the whole body are excellent approaches to health maintenance, disease prevention and disease cure. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the meridian and acupoint massage can stimulate the essential qi, regulate qi and blood, promote metabolism, dredge channels and contribute to the human body health. Bio-light dots in bio-light magnetotherapy pads are distributed circularly and intensively directing at vital acupoints and meridians, which makes the energy produced by the bio-light have more influences on acupoints and meridians. The energy converges at collaterals, grandchild vessel and blood network vessel through the trunk, branches and capillaries finally meeting in related major meridians running through the whole body. And thus, the energy bursts through implosive acupoints smoothening the qi and blood and nourishing the viscera and muscular tissue. As a result, the fatigue can be eliminated rapidly, the sub-health state can be removed and the energy can be restored.

Product Category   Wrist pad, elbow pad, waist pad, knee pad, leg pad, ankle pad

Recommended Use
1.Those who suffer from joint diseases, waist and abdominal diseases and muscular soreness.
2.Those who suffer from sub-health.
3.Those who have a desire for daily health maintenance.


Notice for Use
1. The inner layer with dots should come in contact with the skin directly.
2. Increase daily water intake while using this product.
3. Multiple health care curative effects will be obtained by matching with other products of bio-light series.


Notice Items
1.Wash with neutral detergent, not exceeding a water temperature of 40℃.
2.This product should not be soaked for prolonged periods in water. Do not use a washing board to scrub. Wash gently.
3.Allow to dry in the shade naturally. Avoid exposure to high temperatures.
4.Avoid contact with sharp objects.
5.Optimum effects will be achieved within 3 years of use.


Restricted Use
1.Those suffering from organ hemorrhaging.
2.Pregnant women.
3.Those with abnormally high body temperature.
4.This product should be used with caution by patients recovering from serious operations such as heart bypass surgery, heart stents and cardiac valve replacement, etc.


Unimpeded microcirculation protects us from diseases that may result from microcirculatory disorder.
Microcirculation refers to the blood circulation in the blood capillary which is between the arteriole and venule. It is the basic unit of the structure and function in the circulatory system. Every organ and histiocyte in the human body need oxygen and nourishment provided by microcirculation to deliver energy, exchange information, remove carbon dioxide and metabolic waste and guarantee normally vital movement.

Unimpeded microcirculation protects us from diseases that emanate from microcirculatory disorder. Modern medicine has proven that microcirculatory disorder could result in a body’s aging, tumors, acute inflammation, wounds, chronic ulcers, hepatitis, cirrhosis, senile hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular and cerebral vascular diseases among others. Therefore, sound microcirculation function is the primary premise that ensures normal function of important organs in the body and significant sign of human health.

Significance of unimpeded meridians for human health
The first appearance of the term “Meridian” was in Huangdi Neijing 2000 years ago. It is found and theorized gradually by the ancients during their long-term health care and medical practice. Besides, it is an essential theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is used for analyzing the human body’s physiological functions, pathological changes, relation of viscera and giving diseases diagnosis and treatment. 

Meridian is the general term of channels and collaterals referring to passages that qi and blood and energy all over the body run through. Channels mean paths. They are the stem of the meridian system passing through the whole body. Collaterals mean networks. They are smaller branches of channels distributed across the whole body.

The meridian joins five viscera and six bowels internally and is distributed across five sense organs and seven orifices as well as four limbs and a hundred bones externally. And thus, it integrates various parts of the human body into an organic unit and keeps the coordination and balance of various parts’ functions and activities. It is not only the guidance on the clinical practice of various subjects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) but also an important basis of health maintenance and disease elimination.

Knowledge of magnetism that you probably do not know
The earth is a big magnetic field where human beings are influenced moment by moment and human beings form their own magnetic fields. Therefore, the geomagnetism is an indispensable factor for the survival of human beings, just like the air, water, sunshine and food. However, the deterioration of the environment on the earth and the modern life pattern result in human body’s shortage of magnetism.


The geomagnetism is weakening rapidly with the worsening environment. The magnetic field intensity has decreased by 10% in the past 160 years. The ferroconcrete in tall buildings and metal vehicles shield 40% to 50% of the geomagnetism. Electric wires and cables that are as fine as a spider’s web and all-pervasive electromagnetic radiation are influencing our lives moment by moment. This disturbs not only the magnetic field of the nature but also the biological magnetic field of the human body, which destroys the balance of the magnetic field of the human body. And as time goes by, the human body will show symptoms of magnetism hunger which is called magnetism deficiency syndrome medically.

Symptoms of magnetism hunger
Physiologically, its symptoms are abnormal autonomic nerve regulation, emotional disorders, metabolic disturbance, cell aging acceleration, blood inactivity, increased blood fat and viscosity and arteriosclerosis acceleration.

Clinically, its symptoms are headaches, dizziness, joint sore, dim-sighted eyes, chest congestion and abdominal distention, insomnia and dreaminess and kidney vacuity and asthma.

Life depends on the magnetic field just the same as the air, sunshine and water. However, how strong magnetic field is the most beneficial for life is what we concern most. The scientific research shows that the human body will show a series of symptoms of physiologic derangement under zero magnetic field or a strong magnetic field for a long period and that only the low-intensity magnetic field with a magnetic domain between 15Gs and 50Gs is beneficial for the human body.

After the experiment and observation, we find that some biological effects will be produced if the human body is influenced by the low-intensity magnetic field with a magnetic domain between 15 Gs and 50Gs for a long period.

1.Promote the blood circulation and improve the microcirculation.
2.Promote the inflammation resolution and remove the inflammation swell and pain.
3. Regulate the balance of blood pressure.
4. Enhance the oxygen carrying capacity of the red blood cell and lower the blood viscosity.
5. Improve the blood lipid metabolism and lower the cholesterol.
6. Remove fatigue and promote the recovery of the physical strength.
7. Calm and soothe the nerves, resolve tetany, eliminate insomnia and mental stress.
8. Resist aging and eliminate the accumulated free radical in the human body.
9. Enhance immunity and improve resistance to diseases.
10. Promote cell metabolism and activate cells to accelerate the excretion of waste and hazardous substance and balance endocrine disorders.


Huashen bio-light magnetotherapy pads integrate bio-light and magnetotherapy with acupuncture physiotherapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which can promote the microcirculation, regulate the balance of the magnetic field in the human body and dredge channels effectively. Therefore, it is an optimum selection of daily health maintenance and gifts for friends.




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