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Bio-Light Casual Skirt


Product Information

Brand: Huashen

Product Name: Casual Skirt

Category: Health clothing

Producing Area: China

Coating: Bio-light materials    peppermint powder extracts

Ingredient: 100% cotton

Free size

Color: Purple

Nursing Part: The whole body

Healthcare Functions: Promote the human body microcirculation, protect the heart, warm the stomach, clear heat, arouse the brain, kill bacteria and balance yin and yang etc.

Recommended Use:

Those suffering from such diseases as coronary artery heart disease,myocardial anoxia, gastrointestinal disease, skin itch, rash and eczema etc.
Those who often sweat in summer
Those women pursuing beauty

Packaging: Matte OPP/PE bags


Beauty sustenance for health

Product Overview:

Huashen bio-light casual skirt is a high-tech health care garment that integrates bio-light materials, Traditional Chinese Medicine peppermint extracts and humanized tailoring design.

It is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory that obstructions in our bodies cause aches and pain and when this impediment is removed, one is free of pain. This entails a combination with meridian theory and yin yang theory. The bio-light dots in the front of the skirt are capable of emitting bio-light waves being influenced by the human body temperature. They act on the skin, promote the blood circulation, warm the spleen and stomach and relieve such diseases as stomach cold, chronic gastritis and diarrhea among others. Traditional Chinese Medicine peppermint extract dots at the back of the skirt can dispel wind and clear heat and regulate five internal organs. Moreover, the peppermint can kill bacteria and diminish inflammation, arouse the brain and course the liver qi, which will protect the skin health, relieve fatigue and stress and quiet the spirit and calm the mind.

The application of bio-light dots and peppermint dots perfectly follows yin yang theory in the Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is able to adjust the imbalance of yin and yang in the human body continuously and regulate the internal environment of the human body. And thus, it is capable of improving the immunity and resistance of the human body effectively.

The shell fabric is 100% pure cotton cloth, which absorbs the moisture, breathes freely and is comfortable to wear. Its humanized tailoring design has the characteristics of tightening the waist, wrapping buttocks and beautifying the body. Whether you stay at home or go outdoors, it can be worn casually. And you can gain health with leisure and comfort.

Product Effects:

Improve myocardial blood flow and oxygen delivery, make the blood capillaries in the upper body fully absorb nutrients and protect the heart.
Improve the human body microcirculation, increase blood flow and accelerate the elimination of the waste in the body
Warm the stomach, clear heat, arouse the brain and kill bacteria etc.
Absorb moisture and deodorize the offensive odour, ventilated,dry and comfortable and keep the skin lubricated
Prevent such diseases as the skin itch, rash and eczema etc.

Recommended Use:

Those suffering from such diseases as coronary artery heart disease and myocardial anoxia etc.
Those suffering from such diseases as chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, stomach cold and diarrhea etc.
Those who often sweat in summer
Those suffering from such diseases as skin itch, rash and eczema etc.
Those women pursuing beauty and desiring to beautify their bodies

Tips on How to Use:

1. Make sure the linings with medical points contact the skin directly.

2. Drink plenty of water when using the product.

3. Multiply the healthcare effects by using other products of bio-light series at the same time.

Notice Items:

Wash with neutral detergent, not exceeding a water temperature of 40℃.

This product should not be soaked for prolonged periods in water. Do not use a washing board to scrub. Wash gently.

Hang and dry in the shade naturally after the wash.

Avoid contact with sharp objects.

Optimum effects will be achieved within 3 years of use.

Using Forbidden:

People with hemorrhagic symptoms or bleeding-tendency of any organs.
Pregnant women.
Sufferers of hyperpyrexia use carefully.
People in recovery period after operation (including heart bypass surgery, heart stents surgery and cardiac valve replacement, etc.) should use the product carefully.

A woman becomes graceful with a skirt while a skirt becomes lively with a woman. Undoubtedly, a woman wearing a skirt is beauteous and elegant. Her manner is exceedingly fascinating and charming. She seems like a whirly flower where tender feelings of water are flowing.

A woman’s love for a skirt is indeed a persistent pursuit of beauty. Women think that the skirt is beautiful and it is the best garment embodying female body beauty. Perhaps, only the skirt can give extreme expression to a woman’s elegance, luxury and sex appeal.

Perhaps it is not a luxurious wish that a woman’s beauty sustains for health if the color of health were added to this beauty and health surrounded a woman wearing a long skirt.

Huashen bio-light casual skirt brings about a dual experience of a desire for beauty and health to you with its concise and elegant design blending Traditional Chinese Medicine peppermint extracts and hi-tech bio-light materials.

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