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President's Introduction

The Founder and designer of HuaShen international group, President Mr. Li Wei,born in the sixties last century, graduated from university in the eighties,  the bachelor in philosophy.
He have worked for 8 years in the government department after graduation from university.
At the beginning of forming an enterprise, he relied mainly on developing the Russian border trade, had a deep origin of relationship with the people in eastern Europe.
For more than ten years, he discovered the foreign trade affairs with marketing personnel of various countries in eastern Europe together.
While achieving success in career, he forged the deep friendship with them even more.
He can feel the flourishing age of world trade and is promoting HuaShen group to march towards the goal of globalization in big strides with all strength.
He is leading the team of HuaShen Group, constantly spreads the quintessence of health care that formed in the 5,000 years’ history of China to the people of the world, conveying the modern high-tech products, sowing the seed of the health to the people of the world, while leading the people of the world to pursue the goal of enjoying high-quality healthy life, creating the wealth, making their life colorful and excellent owing to HuaShen group’s rising.

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